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19 Reasons to Join the SFL Total Transformation Challenge

1. You will never have to “Diet” again!

2. Experience the power of Peer Support

3. Receive Professional Fitness and Nutrition Instruction

4. Workout in a non-intimidating environment

5. Receive an Individualized Exercise Program

6. Focus on your personal goals

7. Learn to track and eliminate habits that are holding you back

8. Participate in our Private Facebook Group

9. Receive the SFL Newsletter with Fitness and Nutrition Tips

10. Join in two small group workouts a week

11. Receive Healthy Recipes and Food Logs

12. Stay accountable through our Personal Commitment Contract

13. Participate in Interactive workshops

14. Learn how to create your own support system

15. Learn the best Restaurant, Holiday and Travel Strategies

16. Introduce yourself to your best self

17. Have your own personal coach

18. Take action on your goals

19. Have Fun

Here’s what you will get with the Total Transformation Program:

8 Interactive Presentations on Nutrition, Fitness, and Healthy behaviors

8 Small Group Personal Training Classes

Unlimited access to our small group fitness classes

Recipes and Food Logs

Newsletter with Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Goal Setting

If you are ready for your new life, email me at to get started.

Who am I?

I am Jim Gallagher, the co-owner of Strength for Life, a personal training studio in Springfield, PA. Over the past 30 plus years, I have been helping people become their best selves by adopting a regular program of exercise.

At one time or another, I have worked in every segment of the fitness industry and have seen the good and bad.  Unfortunately, many fitness centers exist only to line the pockets of their owners with money taken from members who do not show up. That why we developed our own studio, Strength for Life, to make sure that we focus on getting results for our clients.

My mission is to help as many people as possible get in the best shape of their life, so they can be the best version of themselves.

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