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"28 Days"

I enjoy watching movies. Even bad movies. Over the Labor Day weekend, I watched “28 Days” with Sandra Bullock. Her character, Gwen Cummings, an alcoholic writer is sent to a rehab center for 28 days. In one scene, Eddie Boone, a baseball player and client at the rehab center is trying to show Gwen how to throw a strike. Her first attempt sails wide of the makeshift mattress with home plate drawn on it. Gwen is disgusted and starts to walk away.

Eddie stops her and tells her not to think about aiming at the target itself but to focus on what she can control. He tells her to focus on how she stands and how she holds the ball. He tells her to point to where she wants to throw, then sets himself up next to the target while she throws. Gwen throws and Eddie catches the ball a little wide of the target he set with his glove. He then tells her to try again, but with her eyes closed. She closes her eyes, winds up and throws a perfect strike.

When we set goals, the advice that Eddie Boone gives Gwen Cummings is good advice. Instead of focusing on the goal that we set for ourselves, our focus should be on the factors that we can control.

If our goal is to get in better shape, we can control how often we go to the gym, how much effort we put into our workouts and improving our form and technique.

If weight loss is our goal, we can control the quantity of food that we eat and the quality of our food. We can avoid fried foods, foods that contain simple sugars, and eating dessert on a regular basis.

If the goal is to become a better athlete focus on ways to improve how you move, your speed and your power.

“28 Days’ may not be considered one of the best movies of all time, but the movie was entertaining, and I even took away a little advice on reaching my goals. Focusing on the things that we can control will move us closer and help us achieve more of our goals.

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