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Bob Frick - SFL Client of the Month

I joined SFL in February of this year and have been doing personal training 2 times a week with Natalie. I joined to aid in my recovery from a traumatic brain injury that I sustained in September, 2017. I saw personal training with Natalie as a continuation of my past physical therapy. The strength training, flexibility work, and overall exercise program I received at SFL, I feel, has far surpassed any of the other physical therapy or medically prescribed treatments I have received. As a result, I have made great progress in my balance, speed, flexibility, and overall confidence.

Besides the exercise, I really enjoy the people at SFL. While physical therapy helped me in many ways, I was lacking the supportive community I found at SFL. One thing I really appreciate about SFL is that I feel just as much of a client and part of the community as the extremely advanced clients focusing on lifting heavy weights. - Bob Frick

A note from Bob’s daughter and personal trainer at SFL, Emma:

Being that my dad’s “funny” catch phrase for years was “Exercise will kill you,” I never thought in a million years that I would see my dad in a gym. While it was a near-death experience that ultimately pushed him to get to the gym to exercise, I am so grateful he has finally experienced firsthand what a gym can do for not only his physical health, but also his emotional well-being. Not only does the man who never ran a mile in his life enjoy going to the gym now, he raves about what an impact Natalie and everyone at SFL has had on his life. It has meant so much to watch him become integrated in the SFL community that I have grown to love so much. I’m very proud of how far he has come and so thankful for all the people at SFL who serve as inspirations to my father.

We are very proud of Bob and all that he has accomplished so far at Strength for Life.

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