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Staying Healthy Through the Years

Need strength? Lift weights. Overweight? Lift weights. Bothered by arthritis?

Lift weights. Diabetic? Lift weights. Weak or frail bones? Lift weights. Want

to feel young again? You guessed it. Lift weights. Weight training is no longer just for young athletes training to perform better in their sport. Today, people of all ages are taking up weight training to improve their health.

Jack LaLanne exercised his whole life. He never liked the idea of getting old. Even in his mid-ninety's, Jack still performed a routine of daily calisthenics and circuit weight training. That's right, weight training. Weight training is not just for the young. Weight training along with proper nutrition and rest kept Jack LaLanne physically young well into his ninth decade.

As we age, exercise, especially weight training or resistance exercise becomes increasingly important for our health. Weight training helps you stay in shape.

Weight training can help reverse the loss of muscle mass that is normally associated with aging. Best of all, we can increase our strength at any age. Lifting weights helps us maintain our strength and our endurance. Weight training places stress on our bones and muscle. The stress helps the bone to become stronger and less likely to break.

Weight training helps our bones increase in density. This can be a tremendous benefit to anyone who has or is at risk for developing osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Can weight training also help people with other chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, low back pain, arthritis or fibromyalgia? Our exercise program should help us do the things we want or need to do in our daily life. Weight training makes us stronger, lowers bodyfat, improves our muscular endurance and can even improve our balance. If you are diabetic, strength training improves the body's ability to use glucose.

Cardiac rehabilitation patients use weight training to improve their physical performance and muscular fitness. Strength training can be very beneficial to anyone who is trying to lose weight. Weight training increases the amount of muscle in our body and raises the amount of calories that we burn each day, even while we are resting.

We can use weight training to strengthen the muscles around our abdomen and in our low back to reduce or eliminate back pain. Weight training can also reduce the pain of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

We start to lose muscle mass and strength as early as the age of 25.Over the next 25 or more years, we lose a significant portion of our muscle mass and strength level. This strength loss reduces our ability to do simple tasks. Walking up stairs, carrying groceries, even playing with a grandchild can take a large amount of effort. Strong muscles decrease the amount of effort to perform these tasks. Strength training helps prevent this gradual loss of muscle mass and strength in our bodies.

Take action now, before you have a health problem. Push the sands of time back with a sensible strength training program.

Start today and you will make a difference tomorrow. Your health depends on you. Start a strength training program today to help you live a life full of vitality. Who knows, maybe, like Jack LaLanne, you will be healthy and strong into your nineties!

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