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What to Do When Your New Year’s Resolution Fails

Did you know that Thursday, January 17th, 2021 was Resolution Fail Day? Less than three weeks into the New Year and many people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions have a notoriously large fail rate. One reason is that a resolution gives you little or no wiggle room. If your resolution is to exercise every day or to not eat any sugar, or to stay calm when one of your children acts out, the first time you skip an exercise session, eat a donut or yell at the kids, you have failed at your resolution and just give up.

There is a better way. Instead of making resolutions, set yourself up for success by following these ten tips.

1. Re-evaluate your resolution and turn it into a goal. Goals eliminate the “all-or-nothing” mentality associated with a resolution. Goals are something that you strive for and work towards. This eliminates the “I have to be perfect,” thinking associated with resolutions.

2. Change your mindset. Believe in yourself. Think in terms of taking the next step toward your goal. Do not worry about timelines but focus on what you need to do at this moment to move closer to your goal.

3. Start with small wins. Ask yourself, “What is the smallest step I can take towards my goal that I feel 90% confident that I can achieve.

4. Make a plan. What obstacles are likely to get in the way of achieving your goal? List each obstacle.

5. Ask yourself, “How will I deal with these challenges when they arrive?” Having a plan and knowing what to do when things get tough eliminates the stress of making a poor choice.

6. Chart your success. One simple way is to post a calendar on your refrigerator. Every day that you do something towards your goal, mark an “X” on the calendar. This was every time you walk by the refrigerator you can see your progress.

7. Allow yourself not to be perfect. “Perfection prevents progress.” Failing is ok and even necessary. Learn from mistakes and setbacks. Give yourself permission to fail and make mistakes. Most challenges are just obstacles to go around or find a way to overcome. They should not be a wall that stops our progress.

8. Once your small win becomes a habit start again with the next small step toward your goal.

9. Enjoy the Process. Be happy with where you are and who you are. Strive to be better but enjoy the challenge.

10. Keep going. Never give up if the goal is important to you. Everyone experiences setbacks. The successful person is often the person who continues to try despite obstacles, mistakes and failures.

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