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Can You Spare 30 Days to Change Your Life?

If you have started exercise programs over and over and have trouble exercising consistently, the Strength for Life 30 Day Fitness habit Challenge is for you.

Have you started and stopped an exercise program over and over?

Have you had good intentions to get in shape only to have life interfere and stop you from exercising regularly?

Do you believe that you are just not an exercise person? 

Do you hate the idea of exercise and would rather sit in your recliner watching television?

Are you angry, embarrassed or disgusted that you cannot do the thing you want in life?

Are you sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is enjoying an active lifestyle?

We understand how hard it is to maintain an active lifestyle.


We have helped hundreds of clients over the past 30 years establish the habit of exercise and change their lives for the better.

Our system helps you focus on the most important component of a successful exercise program - consistency.

Showing up is the key to looking better, feeling better and performing better.

The Strength for Life 30 Day Fitness Habit Challenge is a new and different approach to making exercise a regular part of your life.

Fitness success depends on developing the habit of consistently exercising. Fitness must become part of your lifestyle and the way to a fitness lifestyle is developing the habit of exercise.

Instead of putting the focus on the exercises or the amount of weight that you lift, the Strength for Life 30 Day Fitness Habit focuses on developing the habit of exercise first.

What will I Learn?
  • How to develop a simple consistent exercise routine

  • How to focus in "What's Important Now"

  • Understand why strength training is important

  • How to prepare for success

  • The keys to a successful exercise program

  • Proper weight training technique

  • How to set goals that work

  • The components of a great exercise program

  • The importance of rest and recovery

  • The best warmup to prepare your body for exercise

  • Why it's ok to fail

  • Key exercises to promote health, fitness and mobility

  • Nutrition tips to support your new exercise habit

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