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One-Hour Personal Training Sessions


Working out may not be rocket science, but doing it in a way that produces results while also establishing positive life-long habits without injury... that is a skill best provided by trained professionals. Whether you've been working out all your life or you're just starting out, Strength For Life certified personal trainers can help.

Fitness Knowledge


Fueled by a strong interest in fitness and living a healthy life, SFL personal trainers spend countless hours achieving and improving upon our specialized certifications.


We all know there is a ton of information available on the topics of exercise, fitness, and health. Maybe you've already dabbled in some research. But the amount of time it would take to figure out what is best for you, we can do for you in a matter of one free fitness consultation and a few training sessions together. We think it's pretty great, too! Fitness is our job and our passion, so let us coach you straight to what you need.


Custom Fitness Program

The program and goals we design are meant just for you, based on critical success factors such as diet, nutrition, other forms of exercise, work and hobbies, your fitness background, health conditions and concerns, medications, and of course, your capacity for growth in physical, intellectual, and emotional strength.

Your individualized fitness program will include a combination of cardio-based warm-ups, tried-and-true muscle-toning exercises, and the best and latest in functional training, weight-lifting training, and strength conditioning. SFL trainers also take time to discuss your nutrition, which is essential to crushing your fitness goals.

Effective Workouts

Our certified trainers will constantly vary your personal fitness program. This supports your body's need to engage various muscle groups with different exercise beyond routine. The other key reason we do this is because as it becomes easier for you to get through a fitness program, it's important to keep pushing yourself to get to advance your capabilities. We do this by trying heavier weights, doing more reps, or running through conditioning exercises for longer time intervals.

Fitness Goals


The level of goal achievement you'll get with Strength For Life trainers will far exceed what you can do alone. This is simply because of the background explained above plus the added bonus of the community, accountability, and support we offer as we coach you through the steps and cheer you on. The passion our trainers have for fitness will exude through all your personal training sessions. It's infectious and offers our clients a much needed positive environment and motivation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

One-Hour Personal Training Sessions


Commit Training Program

4 training sessions per month + unlimited classes

Believe Training Program

8 training sessions per month + unlimited classes 

Achieve Training Program

12 training sessions per month + unlimited classes

Small Group Personal Training

2 to 4 people, with the individualized attention of a one-on-one training session

Contact us to learn more or schedule a complimentary one-hour consultation.

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