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Strength for Life offers you the ability to develop and apply strength in all aspects of life.  To live our best lives possible, our focus is on improving in three key areas: physical, intellectual and emotional strength.

Physical Strength

This is what you expect to work on with us. Physical strength develops through consistently challenging the muscular and neurological systems of your body. We build upon your capacity for exertion and endurance. Strength For Life provides you with all the necessary equipment to help you see results. The way we're different than other gyms is in the relationship we foster with you to make positive changes in your habits, effort and discipline. From day one of meeting us and telling us about your health goals, you don't just join SFL. We join you in your commitment to achieve those goals.

Intellectual Strength


Do you consider yourself to be open-minded, curious, interested in lifelong learning, reflection, and meditation? These are some of the characteristics we consider to be valuable to developing intellectual strength. One of the common threads we have as human beings is this hunger for wisdom, the highest level of intellectual strength. As wise men say, you get there by accessing information, using information to gain knowledge, and ultimately combine that knowledge with experience. Partnering with Strength For Life gives you the added benefit of access to knowledge and plenty of experience from our certified trainers and other clients you'll see in our small group classes. 

Emotional Strength


We are our biggest obstacle. Emotional strength involves the exercise of will to accomplish goals in the face of opposition, both external and internal. Persistence, integrity, enthusiasm, energy, and bravery are key components of emotional strength. Facing challenges, threats, difficulty, or pain and acting on our convictions takes true emotional strength. Other aspects of emotional strength include sharing and caring for others, compassion, generosity, and nurturing others. Once you meet the Strength For Life team and get a feel for the atmosphere here, you'll see that we'll be exactly that type of support for you.


Our Team

We recognize the many challenges and effort required to build strength in our lives.  Our purpose at Strength for Life is to help you become physically, intellectually and emotionally stronger by fully equipping you with everything you need to see lifelong results.

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