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Fresh Start 2020

Do you hate to exercise?

Do you feel you are too old to start to exercise?


Do you think lifting weight will make you bulky?


Are you afraid of looking foolish in the gym?


Exercise, especially strength training, can be very intimidating. Many men and women have had bad experiences with exercise in school, have never enjoyed exercise, feel they are too old to start exercising,  or are afraid that they will look foolish in a gym.

Many women and men have had bad experiences with exercise in gym class or on the playground. Maybe you were forced to attempt pushups or pulllups or climb a rope and failed. Maybe you were the last picked for sports or could not run fast or far.

These experiences formed your opinion that exercise was not enjoyable or you were just weak or clumsy.


The real problem was not with you, but with the program, coach or teacher. Exercise can be positive and rewarding when the exercise is matched to your ability and fitness level. Fitness is a skill that should be taught in a supportive, positive environment. 

You may think that you are too old to exercise. Did you know that you can improve your strength and fitness at any age? As a matter of fact, strength training is even more important as we age. Starting in our late twenties or early thirties, we start to lose muscle and bone density.  Strength training can help us keep our bones and muscles strong and avoid the debilitating effects of conditions like osteoporosis.

A big myth about strength training is that lifting weights will make you bulky. The truth is that lifting weights will make you leaner and more fit looking. Muscle takes up less space in the body than fat and contributes to a more shapely figure. 

To put on the type of large muscles that you see on social media and in magazines takes years of hard dedicated effort and a lot of testosterone. Women do not produce enough testosterone to develop large bulky muscles.


Looking foolish in the gym is one of the biggest fears that we see holding people back from training. Every new exerciser thinks they are the only person in the gym who does not know what they are doing. Few people have good form and even fewer know what good form looks like. The bigger issue than feeling like you look bad is using improper form. Poor form limits your progress and increases your risk of getting injured in the gym.

Learning proper exercise technique from a trained professional is the best way to assure that you will reach your fitness goals in the safest possible manner.

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Why is the program only 4 weeks-long?

Most people who make New Year’s resolutions quit before Mid-February. Fresh Start helps establish the habit of fitness by providing a low-commitment, high return program in a few short weeks. The short time period and low commitment level increases the chances of success.


Why is the program based around resistance training?


Resistance or strength training builds and maintains muscle and bone strength. This is especially important for older adults to prevent osteoporosis. Muscle and bone loss can start as early as our late twenties and accelerates around the age of 70. Training with weights can help slow down or reduce this bone and muscle loss so we can stay active as long as possible.


Why is the program limited to small groups?


Small groups provide a better environment to learn proper exercise form and technique. Our coaches are able to work with each person individually on their exercise technique before adding any weight to an exercise. Small groups also provide social support and peer accountability as well as individual attention to each person in the group.


Why do you emphasize skills and habits in an exercise program?


Keeping the focus on skills and habits takes the emphasis off short-term objectives such as weight loss or the amount of weight lifted. Skills and habits help develop a lifestyle where fitness is a realistic and sustainable part of your life.


Why do you provide education as well as exercise in the Fresh Start Program?


Understanding the correct way to workout eliminates wasted time in the gym providing more efficient workouts. Knowing and using proper form reduces the risk of injury. Once you know the proper way to workout and which exercises are best for your goals, you can train at any gym with confidence.


Is the program personalized to my goals?


The Fresh Start Program is customized to each person’s fitness goals. Everyone will learn basic exercise technique and will be instructed in the best program for their health, fitness or weight loss goals.


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