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The Strength For Life Difference

Serving Springfield and Delaware County since 2015

When you join Strength For Life, we join you in a combined commitment to achieve your health goals. 

We understand that to work towards your best possible physical fitness, that intellectual and emotional strength are also necessary. Consider us your gym buddies in that way! Our certified trainers tailor workouts to your specific needs, guide you through proper form and technique, talk you through challenges, and cheer you on as you excel through each step.

Watch the SFL video to get to know us a little better and contact us for a free one-hour consultation.

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The best possible physical results can only be achieved by learning and understanding the best possible methods to get and stay there. That's how Strength For Life can help you the most.


Our certified personal trainers are well-equipped with a ton of beneficial fitness, health, and exercise knowledge. We also provide a great variety and depth of experience that will absolutely help you up your game. We are great listeners and focus on getting to know you and your unique fitness goals before we create your plan.

Once we get started, you'll get one-hour personal training sessions with a trainer that best fits your needs. We offer:

  • Individual Personal Training
    4, 8, or 12 sessions per month

  • Small Group Personal Training
    2 to 4 people per session, with the individualized attention of a one-on-one training session

Easing Into Exercise cover Photo.jpg

Not sure how to start an exercise program? Download our free ebook, "Easing into Exercise" to learn the safest and easiest way to start on a lifetime of fitness and good health.


If you enjoy the fun-spirited camaraderie of fitness classes but also seek personal attention to ensure you're getting an effective workout, then Strength For Life classes are a great fit. Pun intended!


We offer a variety of small group classes with the perfect ratio of trainer to clients. We modify as needed, helping you focus on safety, injury prevention, technique, and form as you try all sorts of new and tried-and-true exercises.


Our certified trainers create SFL classes with the goal in mind that even in a class, individuals of all fitness levels should get a great workout.

We currently offer the classes listed below. Check back often as SFL trainers add and modify to keep things interesting for our clients.

  • Conditioning

  • Strength

  • Total Body Performance


Strength for Life offers some truly special programs that we're proud of and enjoy sharing with our clients. All the time we spend listening to our clients and learning about the latest and greatest ways to achieve ever-changing fitness goals and trends shine through in these small group classes.


We dream up great and sometimes tough, but very specific fitness goals. Then SFL trainers test out ideas on how to achieve them. The end product becomes these amazing programs that our clients love because they target exactly what they need. Not to mention the energy, fun, and sweat!

Our current programs include:​

  • Strength for Women

  • Youth Strength Training

  • Team Sports Conditioning

SFL programs have a strong cult following and individual classes fill up quickly so sign up as early in advance for these as possible. Also, keep an eye out for new programs throughout the year.

Our current programs are on hold so we can safely deal with the Covid Pandemic. Call 484-441-6129 for more information.

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