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10 Reasons to Fire Your Personal Trainer

By Nolan Rimmer

1. Tells you to go high intensity all the time

Your body needs recovery and going 100% non-stop will lead to overtraining and injury.

2. Muscle imbalances/injury not addressed properly

The program should be structured to meet your specific needs. The exercise program should be designed to correcting muscle imbalances and working around injuries.

3. Not noticing any improvements

The trainer should be focused on helping clients reach their goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, improve cardio or just make everyday activities easier, you should see results.

4. Never corrects your form

Proper form is the foundation for optimal performance inside and outside of the gym. Poor from can lead to bad habits, injury, mobility issues can limit your success.

5. Focused solely on adding more weight instead of working you through the full range of motion during each exercise.

Adding more and more weight does not always mean you are improving. Range of motion is crucial to improve everyday movement, reduce risk of injury and establishing good habits to reach your full potential.

6. Don’t feel a connection

The gym alone can be intimidating enough. The trainers job is to help you get results through motivation, adapting to your needs and creating trust.

7. Does not respect your time.

The trainer should be there for you. The trainer is responsible to be on time, have your program prepared and keep their attention on you during your training session.

8. Introduces crazy exercises

The benefits of an exercise should always outweigh the risks. Basic movements and exercises correlate better to our everyday activities and are safer.

9. Can’t explain why you are doing an exercise

The trainer should understand the purpose to each exercise to help you achieve the best results.

10. Does not practice what they preach

Although the trainer does not have to look like a bodybuilder, they should lead by example.

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