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10 Steps to Staying Committed to Your New Workout Plan

1. Start with a goal – Decide what you want to accomplish with your exercise routine. Are you looking to improve your health? Gain strength? Lose bodyfat or inches? Improve your endurance? State your goal as specifically as possible.

2. Schedule your workouts – Mark down the days and times you plan to exercise in your daily or weekly calendar. Make exercise an appointment with yourself or your trainer.

3. Build your tolerance gradually – Start slowly and allow yourself to make progress over time. It is better to start with one or two days of exercise a week and be consistent, than to commit to daily exercise and miss sessions.

4. Find a partner with similar fitness levels and goals – Workout partners are great for accountability and will help you maintain motivation on days when you don’t feel like exercising.

5. Focus on Form – View exercise as a skill to be learned. Focus on using the best technique possible for every exercise. Over time you will be stronger and have less chance of getting injured.

6. Write it Down – Keep a record of your activity and refer back to your notes to see improvement over time.

7. Reward Yourself – Treat yourself to a small reward for reaching goals or milestones in your exercise program. If weight loss is a goal, however, avoid using food as a reward. This can backfire and lead to poor nutritional habits.

8. Vary Your workouts – Changing the exercises, sets and repetitions of your workout will help keep training interesting and help you develop a better-balanced body.

9. Change Your Mindset – Think of exercise and activity as a lifestyle that supports the way you want to live and not as a punishment. Find activities that feel good to you.

10. Make it Fun – Choose exercises that you like and are more likely to stick with. Enjoy the process.

If you would like more information on starting or maintaining an exercise program, contact Jim at or call 484-441-6126.

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