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Accept and Appreciate to Move Forward

Accept or deny. Accept and settle. Accept and move on.

Life can be challenging. Often, we find ourselves in a place where we did not think we would be. We might be out of shape, overweight, under-financed, and over-stressed. We want to be better. We do not want to accept our current situation. However, unless we accept the reality of where we are, we will be limited in our ability to change or grow.

Accepting where we are right now, means having a realistic view of your situation. We do not have to like where we are, but we need to call it as it is to be able to effectively change. If you are out of shape, accept the fact that you are not fit. Do not deny that but use that information as a starting point to get fit.

Accepting means being truthful to yourself about where you are. Accepting means not judging yourself or the situation but being objective about where you are this minute.

Keep your present situation in perspective. If you are out of shape now, it does not mean that you have to settle for the rest of your life. Your future can be different from your present. Be patient. Start the process of change and make progress to get where you want to be one day at a time.

Once you accept the truth of your situation, you can start to plan to make the changes you need to change and achieve your goal of getting in shape, losing weight, reducing the stress in our lives, becoming financially sound or whatever goal you want to achieve.

You can accept where you are or deny where you are. You can accept your situation or settle for the status quo. You can honestly accept where you are and make the decision to move on. The choice is yours.

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