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Are You Training on "Get-Ahead" days?

It’s easy to go to the gym and train on days where you feel good. Everyone does that. But to get-ahead of the competition, even if you are competing against yourself, is to train on the days where you don’t feel good or the world – work, kids, family, weather, stress, is working against you.

Remember the fastest way to be successful is to consistently practice what you want to be good at.

Think of it this way. There is an alternate you in Indiana or somewhere far from where you live. This person looks like you, weighs the same, has the same goals and life that you have. She has the same job, family and stresses. The only difference is that she lives somewhere else.

Both of you are having a bad day. The weather is cold and rainy, you feel tired from staying out too late and having that extra glass of wine. Your kids are screaming at each other and you have a project due at work that you did not finish. You take a deep breath, suck it up and go to the gym to train. The other you decides to stay home and binges on Netflix. Even if you do not have your best day of training, you just had a “Get-ahead” day.

You did something. You maintained consistency in your workout. And because you did, you made progress. It may be imperceptible to you, but you did something, while the alternate you did nothing. You got ahead. The more “Get-ahead” days you have, the faster you will reach your goal. The other you, who only trains on days she feels good and the world is working with her, will continue to struggle and probably will never reach her goal.

Next time you do not feel like going to the gym and training, think of which “you” that you want to be, the “Get-Ahead” you or the you that takes the day off and never reaches her goal.

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