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Exercises to Help Your Pushup - The DB Bench Press

If you are working on your first pushup or trying to increase the number of pushups that you can perform, add the DB bench press into your workout routine.

The DB Bench press strengthens the chest, shoulder and arm muscles, the same muscle groups that are used in the pushup. To perform a pushup you need to be able to press about 75% of your total bodyweight. The DB Bench Press allows you to use a lower percentage of your bodyweight to strengthen the muscles you need to do a pushup. Start with a weight that you can do 10 repetitions with and work up to three sets of ten twice a week.

You can also use the DB Bench press to improve your ability to do more pushups or advanced versions of the pushup. As you increase the amount you can lift on the DB Bench press, your pushup strength will increase.

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