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How is your Technique?

Watching videos can be a great way to learn proper technique. However, many videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram focus more on the weight lifted than the technique. Using proper technique will protect the body from injury and build a solid foundation for peak performance. Practicing poor technique will limit your long-term gains and possibly cause you injury.

Ana and Emily demonstrate excellent form on their deadlifts in the video. Notice how their entire body is tight. They drive with their legs and their whole body moves as one unit. The hips, legs and upper back move together. The bar is not jerked from the floor but initiated by pushing the feet as hard as possible into the ground. Their backs do not round during the lift but maintain a nice neutral spine. As the bar passes the knees, the hips are driven forward to complete the lift. Every repetition looks the same.

Ana and Emily have spent many hours practicing their technique and continue to increase the amount of weight that they can lift. Using poor form will limit how strong you can become on any lift.

If your form is not as tight and smooth as Anna and Emily, you are probably using too much weight. Drop the weight down and practice the skill of the lift first. Optimal technique leads to optimal performance.

Share your tips for good deadlift technique or show us a video of your deadlift form or contact us at if you would like coaching on your lifts.

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