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How to W.I.N.

What if there was a way to guarantee that you could reach your goals faster and accomplish everything you desire?

Pat Riley and Lou Holtz, are two of the most successful and respected coaches of all time. Pat Riley led the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team to four NBA championships and one as an Executive with the Miami Heat. Lou Holtz led Notre Dame’s football team to a perfect season and national championship in 1988. He is the only coach to lead six different college programs to Bowl games.

Both coaches stressed the concept of W.I.N. to their players. W.I.N. stands for What’s Important Now.

Coach Holtz told his players to ask themselves, “What’s Important Now?” twenty-five times a day. At school, at practice, in the weight room, at a party, on the field during a game, everywhere they found themselves, they were to ask themselves “What’s Important Now?”

This question helped the players focus on what was most important to achieve their goals.

When you ask yourself, “What’s Important Now?” you give yourself a chance to pause and think about the decision you are about to make instead of unconsciously choosing or doing something out of habit. “What’s Important Now’” helps prioritize what is best now and for our future goals.

We can use this same question to help us reach our goals. If you are having trouble getting to the gym on a consistent basis, ask yourself, “What’s Important Now?” If you are having trouble deciding to eat a second helping of food, having dessert or having a late-night snack, ask yourself, “What’s Important Now?” Does that bottle of wine look good? Ask yourself, “What’s Important Now?” Deciding to stay out late and party? Ask yourself, “What’s Important Now?”

Every time you want to make a decision that will take you closer to your goal or farther away, ask yourself, “What’s Important Now?” Simple, yet powerful. “What’s Important Now?

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