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Pam's Journey - Part 1

“All my life I’ve been sick and tired. Now I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

Fannie Lou Hamer

Has your pursuit of a healthy body left you feeling sick and tired?

Sick and tired of trying the latest fad diet? Sick and tired of juice cleanses? Sick and tired of supplements? Sick and tired of counting macros? Sick and tired of fasting? Sick and tired of unsustainable dietary restrictions? Sick and tired of grueling workouts?

Anyone sick and tired of being sick and tired?

I sure am.

I’ve been on the diet merry-go-round for a long time. I started my first diet in 1991 when I was 28 years old. A friend had lost a lot of weight practically overnight by pairing the Atkins diet with lots of cardio. I bought the book, stocked up on meat, and joined a gym. I lost a few pounds, quit, and then regained the weight plus a few extra pounds.

During the 30 years since I tried my first diet, life progressed - I moved a few times, changed jobs, had a child, lost loved ones, traveled, and married the love of my life. But in the midst of life’s changes, one thing ALWAYS remained constant – my pursuit of the ideal body.

Oh yes, after 30 years, I can definitely say that I’m sick and tired.

But I keep trying…


I keep trying because attaining my ideal body will minimize my risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. I keep trying because I yearn to hike the Grand Canyon, wear sexy clothes, have body confidence, and look good naked.

I keep trying because I want to build a stronger, leaner, healthier body.

I keep trying because I refuse to give up.

So this is it – the start of a new weight loss journey. I’m going to do things differently this time. I’m going to take it slow while treating myself with self - acceptance and love.

I’ll be sharing details about my journey throughout the coming weeks and months in an effort to remain accountable to myself, but more importantly, I’ll be posting about my journey in hopes of inspiring and motivating others. If I can do this, anyone can.


Let’s. Do. This.

In Strength,

Pam Robinson

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