SFL 30 Day Pushup Challenge Guide

How did you do with the SFL 30 Day Pushup Challenge?

Were you able to do your first pushup?

Did you increase your personal best for pushups completed?

I hope you found the information valuable and that it helped you improve your strength and fitness level.

If you missed the challenge and are working on your first pushup start here:

How to Learn the Pushup

Benefits and Form

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes - Part 2

Your First pushup - Bar and Staircase Pushups

Common Mistakes - Part 3

Your First Pushup - Pad Pushups

If you are already able to do a pushup with good form and want to move to more advanced versions, start here:

Pushup Variations - Part 1

Pushup Variations - Part 2

Pushup Variations - Part 3

Pushup Variations - Part 4

Still looking for more ways to improve your pushup? Start here:

Perfect Pushup Checklist

Use the DB Floor Press to Help Your Pushup

Improve Your Row to Improve Your Pushup

Mobility Exercises to Help Your Pushup