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SFL Holiday Tips

With the holiday season upon us, we decided to go to the big guy himself, (Santa), and ask him for some holiday fitness tips. Mr. C. just laughed and gave a hearty Ho, Ho, Ho and said just remember SANTA.

Stress – Keep stress to a minimum by setting realistic goals and expectations for the holiday. Give yourself permission not to be perfect.

Activity – Decide when and how much exercise you will do over the holidays. Try to get your exercise in early in the day before holiday activities interfere.

Nutrition - Plan ahead what you will eat and how much. Prepare your food in advance. Keep healthy snacks available. Fill up on vegetables.

Take time to enjoy friends and family on the holiday. Remember, people are more important than presents or pies.

Above all, take time for yourself. Enjoy the holidays and have a Merry Christmas!

As usual, Santa Claus gave us some great advice and an easy way to remember him and how to enjoy the holiday season.

Thanks, Santa!

Jim Gallagher is a personal friend of Santa and the co-owner of Strength for Life, a personal training studio in Springfield. He can be reached at

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