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Start Your Streak

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Habits start with a single action. Think of exercise as a habit that you want to start. Cal Ripken, the legendary baseball player played in 2,632 consecutive games for the Baltimore Orioles. 

In the 1970’s John Wooden’s UCLA Basketball team won 88 straight games before losing. Canadian rap artist Drake’s music spent 431 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 hit list. He also has the honor of having the most charted songs among solo artists at 154 and the most Hot 100 debuts in a week at 21 songs. But one of the most impressive streaks belongs to Mike Weaver of Maugansville, Maryland.

At 46 years old, Mike started his streak of walking 5 miles every day. Since he started the streak in 1996, Mike walked more than 40,000 miles and wore out 66 pairs of sneakers.

Each of these streaks has something in common. They started with a streak of one. Cal Ripken started his streak on June 5, 1982.

The UCLA Bruins began their win streak with a win over Santa Barbara College on January 29, 1971. Drake’s streak began in 2009.  Mike Weaver took the first step in his walking streak with one five-mile walk in 1996.

The key to long-term success with exercise is simple – just keep the streak alive. You have started your own personal exercise streak.  Your goal is to keep the streak alive one day at a time.   

Track your own personal streak. Comedic legend Jerry Seinfeld used this strategy to keep his personal writing streak alive. See how long you can keep your streak alive! Maybe one day you too will be in the record books.

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