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Ten Ways to Have a Good Home Workout

Many people have exercise equipment available at their home.  Even if you do not have any exercise equipment, there are many ways to have a good workout at home. Here are ten ways.

Working Out At Home by Strength For Life
  1. Walk the steps inside your home for a cardio workout.  Steps will quickly raise your heart rate and will keep the legs strong.  If steps are too challenging walk laps around the inside of the house.   

  2. Turn on the radio and dance.  Dancing is fun and an excellent form of aerobic exercise that burns calories. 

  3. Do callisthenic type exercises like jumping jacks to get your heart rate up and tone your muscles. 

  4. Use your bodyweight as a resistance training machine. The body is the best weight training tool that we have. Performing a series of pushups, crunches, and squats will give the entire body a workout.  Use the wall if regular pushups or squats are too hard or add weights in your hands if you are a more advanced trainee.

  5. Use milk jugs or plastic containers as dumbbells. Find items in the house that are as heavy as the dumbbells and weights that you use at the gym.  You can do squats, presses, curls or any exercise that you do with a dumbbell.  

  6. Practice Yoga. Yoga can be performed anywhere and will help strength, flexibility and balance. Yoga also relieves stress.

  7. Work on your balance. Try to stand on one leg at a time. If you can do this easily, try to balance with your eyes closed.

  8. Stretch. We often leave stretching out of our daily exercise program. Today would be a good day to work on flexibility exercises. Be sure to warm up first.

  9. Use the rooms of your house for a cardio/strength circuit.  Walk or run from one room to the next in your house. Perform a set of exercises like ten pushups and then immediately walk or run to the next room.  Perform ten squats or some other exercise. Continue through the entire house performing a different exercise in each room. This is a fun way for the entire family to exercise together.

  10. Clean the attic or the basement.  Packing or unpacking boxes, moving furniture or heavy duty cleaning are activities that count in our daily activity levels.  This is a good way to exercise and complete a project that we have probably put off for a long time.​

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