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The Pull Movement Pattern


The pull pattern has several benefits including:

1. Improved posture. Getting rid of a slumped shoulder position.

2. Strengthening the core.

3. Keeps vertebrae in line.

4. Developing muscle mass.

5. Strength Gains. Having a strong back makes for a strong total body.

Approach and Position

Setup (Bent Row)

1. Create an “athletic position” with the feet about shoulder width apart with a slight bend in the knees. Bend at the waist with the hands on the knees. Then position the back almost parallel to the ground

2. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart and deadlift the bar off the blocks.

3. Keep the head in a neutral position and tuck the chin to protect the neck.

Muscle Contraction/Movement


1. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and bring the bar to the naval. Think about pulling the bar up with the lat’s as opposed to shrugging the bar with the trapezius muscles. Relaxing the forearms and neck will help with this.

2. Maintain proper body alignment (flat back, knee bend, and chin tucked). Tighten the lower body and core.


1. Lower the bar with control straight down from the naval. Think about maintaining a thoracic tilt and pelvic tilt which will keep a flat back.

Common Mistakes

1. Shrugging the bar.

2. Raising the chest to high.

3. Looking up.

4. Standing up tall.

5. Pulling bar too high.

6. Rounded back (usually means the weight is too heavy).


The barbell bent row is a very technical lift so it can be tough to execute if you are new to them. In the early stages of the program the focus will be on muscle endurance which will be 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. The future goal will be to build strength so increase the weight and lower the repetitions. Include variation by using kettlebell’s, dumbbell’s, and barbell’s.

1. Band Row

2. Single arm DB row

3. DB/KB bent row

4. BB bent row (supinated grip) narrow grip

BB bent row (pronated grip) wider gri

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