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Three Realities of Life

Looking for a Quick Fix to Fitness or Weight Loss?

One of our biggest frustrations about the fitness industry is the constant barrage of ads promoting quick fixes for getting in shape and shedding weight. “Lose 15 pounds in Four Weeks!”, “Eat Anything You Want and Lose Weight!”, “6 Minute Abs”,

Myths, manipulation and outright lying seem to be the marketing game plan for the industry.

If fitness and weight loss were so easy, everyone would be in great shape and we would not have an obesity epidemic in this country.

New York Times Best Selling Author and Leadership Expert, John Maxwell, lays out three realities of life in his book, “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn.”

1. Life is Difficult

2. Life is Difficult for Everyone

3. Life is More Difficult for Some Than for Others

The same is true for fitness and weight loss. Fitness and weight loss are difficult. Fitness and weight loss are difficult for everyone. Fitness and weight loss are more difficult for some than for others.

Fitness and weight loss take consistent effort and time. Progress is not linear. Some days are better than others. Even fitness professionals struggle. There are days where the last thing we want to do is come to the gym and push ourselves. But we do. And the consistency pays off over time. Progress can be slow, but the more dedicated we are to getting to the gym and doing something, the closer we come to reaching our fitness and weight goals.

Now that you know the truth – That Fitness and Weight Loss are difficult, it is difficult for everyone and is more difficult for some than for others – you have a choice, accept the fact that you will have to put time and energy in to get the results you want or keep trying the quick fix promises of marketing promoters. Put in the time and energy knowing the path will be difficult at times and you can reach your goals or keep grabbing at the quick fix promises and never reach your fitness or weight loss goals.

If you want to move forward with your fitness and weight loss goals, email me at or call 484-441-6126.

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