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Why Women Should Do Pushups

Pushups are a great exercise that helps shape and build strength in the upper body. Pushups strengthen the core, the muscles that help our posture and keep us stable when we move. Pushups also strengthen the muscles beneath the breast and improves the shape of the shoulders, chest, back and arms.

Many women struggle with pushups because they lack enough upper body and core strength to complete a pushup. The strength to perform these exercises can be developed. The improved upper body strength that comes from pushups help in every day activities that women, (and men), use on a daily basis.

Anyone who has time constraints and cannot get to the gym can use pushups to stay fit. Pushups are a compound exercises that use a variety of muscle groups and can be done anywhere. So even, if you are juggling kids, a career or both, pushups can fit into your schedule.

· Improves posture

· Improves core strength

· Strengthens muscle under breast tissue

· Build upper body strength

· Improve muscular endurance

· Improves shape of shoulders, chest, back and arms

What if I cannot do a pushup on the floor?

There are many different versions of the pushup based on your level of fitness. You can start with Wall or Bar pushups and progress to the floor as your strength improves. Have a personal trainer work with you on proper form. Once you can do several floor pushups with good form, you can move onto advanced versions of the pushup.

Pushup Progressions

· Pad Pushups

· Floor Pushups

What other exercise which will help my pushup?

Any exercise which improves the strength of the upper body and core will help improve your ability to do a pushup. Planks, presses and rows are the best exercises, since they target the specific muscles used in the pushup. Try these exercises:

· DB or Cable Row

How often should Pushups be trained?

Pushups, like any exercise should be trained two to three times a week for most people. To grow and become stronger, a muscle needs time to recover. Training pushups on a daily basis leads to overuse. Overuse can lead to injury, especially in the shoulder joint. Overuse will also limit strength gains. If you are new to pushups, start with one to three sets of ten repetitions twice a week using the best starting form of pushup for you. Move to more advanced versions as you become better at the form you are using.

For more information in how to do your first pushup or progress to more advanced versions, check out our posts at

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