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11 Great Meal Planning Tips

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Meal planning is one of the best ways to make sure you are eating the best foods to support your health and fitness.

1. Determine how many meals you want to plan for the week.

· Consider how much time you have.

· Start with planning a few meals each week and add as your comfort level and time allow.

· Are you in a mood for certain foods?

· Make a grocery budget.

· Involve your family in the planning.

· Plan theme nights like Taco Tuesday.

· Choose a few main dishes to use during the week.

· Plan your meals around your life.

· Designate a day each week to meal prep.

· Pick a time to shop.

2. Make or download a meal plan calendar.

· Write down the meals you plan to make on your calendar.

3. Create a Master recipe list.

· Create a place to save and organize your favorite recipes.

· Look for new recipes to try.

· Plan some easy meals like stir-fry or crockpot recipes.

· Save links to recipes you use.

4. Make a grocery shopping list when you are writing out your meal plan.

· Check your pantry, refrigerator and freezer first.

· Create a base list of ingredients that you use each week.

· Check to see what items are on sale.

· Do your shopping in one trip.

5. Plan for leftovers.

· Stretch ingredients by planning to use in more than one meal.

6. Prep food when you get home from shopping.

· Wash, chop, shred or roast vegetables.

· Prep proteins by baking, broiling, roasting or marinating.

· Store ingredients separately in containers in the refrigerator or freezer until needed.

7. Plan to freeze extra food to use as leftovers.

· Soups, stews, crockpot meals and casseroles.

8. Keep your pantry stocked with spices, grains, sauces, and beans.

9. Stock your freezer with frozen fruits and vegetables.

10.Keep your refrigerator filled with your favorite meal ingredients.

11.Have “go-to” and emergency meals like pizza or pasta ready.

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