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Top Health & Fitness Myths & Facts

Sharing 10 top #fitness myths. Read on below to find out the facts about each one!

Myth 1: Strength training will actually tone you. Muscle takes up less space than fat.

Myth 2: Carbs give you energy. Focus on complex carbs and eliminate simple sugars.

Myth 3: You gain and lose fat equally all over your body.

Myth 4: Both cardio and weight training are necessary to help you lose weight. Cardio burns more calories while you’re working out. Weight training burns more calories outside of the gym.

Myth 5: Eating less is not necessarily the best way to lose weight. It’s a matter of changing the quality of what you eat rather than the quantity. A calorie is a calorie.

Myth 6: Cardio can be just about anything. It can be as simple as playing a game of basketball with friends. As long as you’re getting your heart and respiratory rate up.

Myth 7: Your hydration needs depend on factors specific to you, such as activity level, on any given day.

Myth 8: While it’s true that you shouldn’t eat a full course meal before working out, eating a healthy snack about half an hour before a workout could boost your performance and aid recovery.

Myth 9: Protein is a building block for muscle. It’s actually more costly for your body to digest and therefore, is more conducive to fat burning and weight loss.

Myth 10: Sweating is a way that your body cools down, and there are a lot of variables that determine why you sweat. Just because you you don’t sweat, it doesn’t mean that you’re not getting something out of what you’re doing.

Do you have any #health, #exercise, or #nutrition related questions? We'd love to help you figure out not only what is best, but what is best for you! Contact us anytime.

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