Why is Your Scale Lying to You?

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Have you ever hung a picture that you really liked and there was something that did not sit just right about the picture? You could not put your finger on it. but something was not right. Then it came to you, you were using the wrong frame for this picture.

We do the same thing every time we put our trust in the scale. Every time you get on your scale you are not seeing the truth. You scale may not be lying to you. but it is definitely misleading you by leaving out some important information. The number the scale shows you determines how many people feel about themselves that day. We often use the scale to determine our self-worth.

Imagine that every morning when you went to work, you had to stand on a machine that judged your worth based on a small part of who you are.

Once your worth was determined, you had to wear a sign on you to let everyone know if you are a good or bad person.

This is similar to what we do to ourselves on a daily basis. We determine our self-worth based on the number that the scale shows us. If the number is higher than we expected, we feel bad and beat ourselves up. If the number is lower than expected, we feel good about ourselves.